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Request It! Services

Guide to all request and delivery services for Morehead State Camden-Carroll Library

Request It! Services

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Our mission is to aid our community in accessing library material. We support intellectual freedom and do not decline requests based on personal beliefs. We strive to get items to our patrons in as many ways as we can.

Material Not Owned

Interlibrary loan is a service in which we borrow materials from other libraries. Our library cannot buy all items, so we rely on other libraries to 'lend' items to us. We borrow books/media for 30 days, typically with 1 renewal available. Most libraries participate in this service, so we can borrow material from anywhere within the U.S. 

Your interlibrary loan item can be held for you at the front desk.(Pickup at the Circulation Desk) See Access Options: On-Campus Pickup & Delivery

Material Owned

We have many services to help our patrons access our resources.

We offer a service to pull items from shelves to place on reserve for you at the front desk.(Pickup at the Circulation Desk) See Access Options: On-Campus Pickup & Delivery

We have an office delivery option. (Office Delivery (Faculty/Staff ONLY)) See Access Options: On-Campus Pickup & Delivery

We will pull items from shelves to ship to you via UPS under certain conditions. (Deliver to Home (Online and Regional Campus Patrons ONLY)) See Access Options: Off-Campus Delivery