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Request It! Services

Guide to all request and delivery services for Morehead State Camden-Carroll Library

Request It! Services

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Physical Items

Books - We can borrow books from most libraries. The fewer the libraries that have it, the less chance we have of obtaining it. Some books are considered a part of special collections and are unlikely to be sent.

Theses and Dissertations - Dissertations and theses are possible to obtain, but are usually owned by only one library. To look for digitized theses or dissertations, visit the database ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

DVDs/CDs - We will always try to get requested DVDs, but not all libraries are willing to lend them. 

Microfilm/Microfiche - Depending on the lending library, we can obtain old newspapers via microfilm.

Textbooks - We can obtain textbooks but be aware that textbooks published within the past year will be exceedingly difficult to obtain.


Journal Articles - One of the easiest items to obtain are articles from journals. We will ask others libraries to scan an article or send an electronic article. 

Chapters - We can request a chapter scan from most books. Patrons may only request 1 chapter per book or up to 10% of the book.

Microfilm/Newspapers - Most libraries will scan archived newspaper articles from microfilm reels.