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Special Collections

University Archives; Appalachia / Kentucky; Theses & Dissertations; Genealogy; Manuscripts; Oral Histories; Video Archives; Rare Books; Artifacts; Records Management

List of University Artifacts

UA001-1986               First Lady Dolls, circa. 1970s

UA002-1996               Dorothy Hesson Dress, circa. 1930s

UA003-1951               Inez Humphrey Memorabilia, ca. 1926-1951

UA004-1996               Morehead State Memorabilia

UA005-2006               “We Are Marshall” Collection

UA006-1967               Miss MSU Cape, 1967

UA008-2015               Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels Mint Julep Cup Collection

UA009-2015               John Camden Library Memorial Plate, circa 1960s

UA010-1991               United States Constitution Bicentennial Flag, 1987-1991

UA011-1963               Hawg Rifle, ca. 1860

UA012-2015               Button Family Collection, Circa. 1860s-1910s

UA013-2007               United States Navy Training School Uniforms, 1942-1944

UA014-2015               Powder Horn, 1817

UA015-2015               Brass Fire Hose Nozzle, circa. 1950s

UA016-2015               Iwo Jima Beach Sand

UA017-2015              Adron Doran Artifacts

UA018-2015              Student Nurse Uniform, circa. 1970s

UA019-2015              Nazi Marine Jack Flag, circa. 1940s

UA020-2015              University Breckinridge School Uniforms, circa 1940s-1950s

UA021-2015              Winchell "Wink" Smith Collection, ca. 1968