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PHED Tech Day: From the Experts

What are the experts saying?

Vishal Pinoriya (2014), in "Social Media Management for Personal Trainers and Gyms," says: A good mix of posts might include personal success stories from members who are willing to share them, daily fitness tips, news articles related to exercise and good eating habits, and motivational quotes or images.  Don't clog your feeds with sales pitches.

Jonathan Goodman, in "% Things Fitness Professionals Must Know About Social Media," says: "People don’t share your material because they actually think it will help others. They share it because they feel it makes them look intelligent, intellectual, attractive, interesting, attractive, or funny. Your fitness tips will spread if you write them in such a way as to enable your reader to show off using your material.” 

Lauren Kraft (2012), in "Social Media Tips for Personal Trainers," says: "Quality over quantity. Cross-promote. Update consistently. Keep it professional, but personal. Recruit clients."

"Social media is not just a self-promotion platform," says Chris Freytag, a health and fitness blogger. "Be authentically you. Don't try to be someones else," says Jon Ham, CEO at Fitness on the Run and YouTube Next Trainer. Learn from others, and let their experiences save you time and effort.