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Creating Effective Scholarly Posters: Printing

Step-By-Step guide to creating scholarly posters

Printing Approval Form

Poster printing is provided at no charge for qualifying events (Posters at the Capitol, Celebration of Student Scholarship) and if the following conditions are met:

*As of January 2023*

Poster must be approved by mentor and emailed to the approved Camden Carroll Library staff for the final check and approval by the deadline communicated by the Office of Undergraduate Research. Approval forms are no longer required as part of this process.

Getting Your Poster Printed

(Updated January 2023)


- All posters must be designed to fit the current maximum printing size of 36" x 48"

- Posters should use the highest resolution and quality versions available for logos, images, and charts

- Poster file should use this naming format: 
[Student Last Name, Mentor Last Name, Poster 2023] EXAMPLE: Robbins Gritton Poster 2023.pdf
If there are multiple authors, please use the last name of the student who will be picking up the poster from printing services.

- Approval forms are no longer required

- Refer to communications from the Office of Undergraduate Research for deadlines and other information





1. Finalize Poster Design

2. Mentor Approves Final Poster

3. Student or Mentor Emails PPT or PDF Poster File to

4. Sender Receives Notice of Approval or Changes Needed

5. Approved Posters Are Collected by Office of Undergraduate Research and Sent in Bulk to Printing Services

6. Printed Poster is Picked Up by Designated Student or Mentor


Events, Procedures, and Deadlines -
Alexis Mathews, Center for Career Development & Experiential Education, 606-783-2229

Printing Process and Pick Up -
Document Services, 606-783-2032

Design and Technology Help / Review - 
Joe Schubert, Camden-Carroll Library, 606-783-2160