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Creating Effective Scholarly Posters: Home

Step-By-Step guide to creating scholarly posters

This step-by-step guide provides you with information to effectively create and present scholarly posters of various types USING POWERPOINT.  Not all tips and techniques apply to all poster types, but the end goal is always to create an attractive and well-planned poster.

The tabs above cover each stage of the poster process from conception to presentation in detail. The stages are outlined below.


PlanningOne of the most important and time-saving steps in the process is planning for your poster. 

BuildingUsing Powerpoint, you will create a large format poster for print.

PrintingWith the approval of your mentor and designated library staff, you will submit your poster design to be printed.

PresentingYou may be presenting your finished poster at the Celebration of Student Scholarship and/or other events.

Other resources and helpful information can be found here.