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CCL Makerspace

Makerspace at the Camden Carroll Library - Morehead State University

*Camden-Carroll Library insists that all users abide by local, state, and federal laws at all times, including all applicable United States copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code), as well as all Morehead State University Policies and Student Conduct Codes. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure personal compliance with copyright law. Users must be respectful of the health and safety of other library patrons, and must use good faith in handling all machines, equipment, and materials provided by the library. Library staff reserves the right to deny any Makerspace project request for any reason.

Use of the Makerspace

Who Can Use the Makerspace?

The Camden-Carroll Library Makerspace is openly available for all Morehead State University students, faculty, and staff. The Makerspace is open to community patrons, with some restrictions.


When is the Makerspace Available?

The space is generally open between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm, any weekday (Monday-Friday) that the Camden-Carroll Library is open and operating at regular semester hours. Makerspace hours may be extended or shortened based on the availability of staff, without notice. Library hours can be found on the Camden-Carroll Library homepage.


What are Makerspace Priorities?

 Most Makerspace machines are operated as a guided-service, on a first come, first serve basis. However, these machines may need to be reserved from time to time for maintenance and training purposes.

3D Printing, as a requested service, will generally be conducted on a first come, first serve basis as well, but in the event of a high number of requests, academic use such as student projects for an enrolled class, or faculty teaching aids, will be given priority over personal projects. Library staff may make case-by-case decisions over priority based on other factors, such as scheduling, time and materials, due dates, etc.


Are There Limits on the Makerspace?

In order to best serve our diverse group of university and community patrons, we ask that reasonable limitations on the use of the space and machines be exercised by individual users. We cannot accommodate commercial use of the space, but are more than happy to teach users how to use the types of equipment available in the Makerspace for their use of personal machinery elsewhere.