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Governor's Scholar's Program

This guide describes the library services available to the students and faculty of the Governor's Scholar's Program.

The Instructional Services staff at Camden-Carroll Library stand ready to assist GSP faculty with the following options for group instruction.

  • library tours
  • custom instruction sessions for particular assignments or topics
  • instruction sessions on how to do research using library databases and resources
  • assistance to students on how to use technology (e.g. video-making, graphic design, etc.)

In addition to, or in place of, these sessions we can easily:

To talk about what is possible contact either:

Tom Kmetz  -  Coordinator of Instruction & Research Services

(606) 783-5111


Lucinda Ward - Instructional Librarian for Distance and Online Learning

(606) 783-5287

Or if you know exactly what you want, you can use the form below.

For both students and faculty the library provides individualized research assistance in variety of ways:

  • Schedule an Appointment
    You or your students can schedule a session (typically 30 mintues but can be longer) to sit down with someone from the library to get our assistance with a particular research project.
  • Technology Help
    If you want one-on-one assistance with either hardware or software, then either drop by the Learning Technology Lab or use the link above to schedule an appointment with Joe Schubert.
  • 'Request It' service
    We offer a quick and efficient interlibrary loan service in which journal articles are delivered to you electronically.  Be careful in requesting books.  They must be delivered from the loaning library physically and returned to us physically. 
  • Research Help Guides
    In addition to our existing Research Help Guide we can create new ones for any purpose (even at the assignment level).
  • Citing Sources
    We have web guides and style manuals on our shelves to help researches with citation.
  • Bibliographic Management
    For advanced users we describe options for bibliographic automation and offer particular support for Zotero.
  • Browzine
    Easily browse the library's journal subscriptions

If you need a meeting room at a different time or location than your normally scheduled classroom, then the library has several options for meeting rooms that can be scheduled using the button below.  Our policy is to make each space available for reservations only two weeks in advance.  This is to prevent people from monopolizing our limited number of rooms.


Additionally, the library has one classroom that is not as heavily used in the summer months as it is during the school year.  You can check its availability on the library instruction calendar.  It can be requested by contacting:

Tom Kmetz  -  Coordinator of Instruction & Research
(606) 783-5111

If you need a camera or other types of equipment for a lesson or special project, then the library has a number of things available for checkout.  See what is available by using this link.