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Request & Delivery Services: Home

Request & Delivery Services

Coronavirus 19 Update:

  • If you are student/faculty/staff and are teaching/taking classes online or at a regional campus, and do not live in the Morehead area, we can send items to you through UPS.
  • To learn about pickup methods, please visit this short guide.



Request It! Services encompasses four facets of content delivery:

Interlibrary Loan -obtains materials from other libraries. Off-campus delivery- delivers materials from our library to online and regional campus students/faculty/staff. On-campus delivery- delivers all obtainable items to faculty/staff. Pull to hold- for faculty/staff/students to have materials we already own to be pulled from the shelf and put on hold at circulation.

Interlibrary Loan

Logging In

You can reach the login page from the link Use your MSU ID and password. It's the same as your blackboard and mymoreheadstate login. This login does require to follow your ID number. Always use a lowercase m.


If you've not used this system before, you will have to register. You will be prompted to log in and will then be forwarded to the registration page. Please fill out this information as accurately as possible. Your email address is your primary point of contact, so it's vital for communication that this email be correct.


There are many places to search for what you need. Our catalog or one of our databases. Each location has a link that can send the citation information to our request page.


Our catalog

  • The 'Request It" button should be available for every item in the catalog. If it's a book, it will look like this:


  • Databases like Academic Search Complete will have a find it button, which leads to our catalog. Once there, you can click the "Request It" link.


  • Worldcat is a database that reflects over 2 billion items in libraries across the world. It shows what books are out there, as well as defining which libraries own them.




Filling out the form

There are two different forms you can fill out.

This form is used to submit requests for articles from journals, magazines, or book chapters.
Use this form to request books, cds, dvds, music scores, and any other physical items.


Here are some important things to note when filling out this form:

  • The title is crucial in filling your request in a timely manner.
  • If you can provide an isbn or issn number, it will help expedite your request
  • If you've found a citation online, please provide the URL for your citation for reference.
  • Always provide a year on your request. There are often multiple versions of a book.


This service is free for faculty, staff, and students. However, items borrowed from other libraries do accrue overdue fines at $.50 per day.

To renew MSU items, simply log into your Library Account and renew the items online before they become overdue. If the items are past due, call the Circulation desk to renew the items at 606-783-5490.

To renew ILL items, log into your Request It! account as shown below or email

Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library. We will always try for a renewal, but sometimes it isn't possible. In this case, you will need to resubmit another request for another copy.

  1. - From the main Request It! page, scroll down to see 'Checked out items'.

  2. - Click renew.
  3. - If the renewal is successful, you will receive a temporary renewal date. From there, Request It! staff will submit the renewal request to the lending library. This process usually takes 3-4 business days.

You can check the status of a request by clicking on the title of the item under "Active Requests"

Scroll down to the bottom to see the "Tracking" table.

  • Awaiting Conditional Processing – A potential library lender has set conditions for us to follow in order to send the item.
  • Awaiting Customer Contact – The system is preparing the notification email.
  • Awaiting Odyssey Processing – The article that has been requested has been received and awaits review before being sent to your Request It! Account.
  • Awaiting Office Delivery Processing – Your request has not been reviewed.
  • Awaiting Post Receipt Processing – the item has been received and is in processing.
  • Awaiting Pull to Hold Processing – Your request has not been reviewed.
  • Awaiting Regional Campus Processing – Your request for home delivery has not been reviewed.
  • Awaiting Request Processing – The request has been received and is awaiting review by staff.
  • Awaiting Unfilled Processing – All of the libraries we have asked have declined the request and it needs to be resubmitted.
  • Cancelled by Staff – The request could not be filled and has been cancelled. Check your email for a notification stating the reason why.
  • Customer Notified via E-Mail – The notification email has been successfully sent.
  • Delivered to Web – A pdf of the article has been sent to your account.
  • In DD Stacks Searching - We’ve reviewed this request and are currently searching for it.
  • In Transit to Pickup Location – The item is being taken to the circulation desk for pickup, delivery, or shipping.
  • Office delivery searching – We are currently looking for the MSU book you have requested before checking it out and delivering it to your office.
  • Pull to hold searching – We are currently looking for the MSU book you have requested before placing it on hold at the circulation desk.
  • Request in Processing – The request is being processed.
  • Request Sent – The request has been sent to other libraries for consideration. This can potentially take several days, as it includes time for each library to consider and shipping.
  • Submitted by customer- The request has been submitted to our system

The Library will contact patrons when their items have arrived and are ready for pick up or delivery. Most articles arrive within a week, and books arrive within 2-3 weeks. Actual time will depend largely on the speed of the lending library.

Note: Books published with in the past the year are much harder to obtain. Many libraries will not send out their new books to other libraries, as they prefer to keep them on hand for their own patrons. You should still try, but the wait is often longer.

Campus Delivery Service for Faculty and Staff

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are not delivering to offices. All items must be picked up at the library or delivered via UPS (for distance faculty/staff only).

Only Faculty and Staff who work on the main MSU campus

Faculty and staff who work on the main campus of Morehead State University can place a Campus Delivery Service request through the Library's online catalog for delivery of circulating items held by the Library. Student workers will deliver items to department or unit offices. Items may also be pulled and held at the Circulation Desk. If after 7 days the item is not picked up, the item will be returned to the collection.

Requests for the delivery service may be made at any time through the Library catalog; however, the actual delivery service is available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, during the Library's regular open hours. For example, a delivery request placed before 9 a.m. on a weekday will be processed and delivered to the person's departmental office the same day. The service is not available when campus offices are closed.

Stop by the Circulation Desk and ask to see a demonstration of the service. Or call the Camden-Carroll Library Circulation Desk at 606-783-5490.

Off-Campus Delivery Policies

CORONAVIRUS 19 UPDATEPlease see the current policy on the Request and Delivery Services page.

Free home delivery of library material is available to all off-campus students, off-campus faculty, and off-campus staff who do not live in Morehead, Kentucky.

Any student not taking a class at the Morehead campus is eligible for off-campus home delivery of library items. Any faculty or staff member who works primarily at the Regional Campuses also qualifies. To qualify for delivery your account must be in good standing and not have a hold placed on your account. We do not deliver to Morehead, Kentucky addresses.

The Library will mail library material to off-campus patrons' homes and email any electronic scans requested through the Request It Service system, called ILLiad.  Patrons are responsible for returning library items to the Morehead campus and are responsible for any costs associated with returning the items.  The Library does not pay return shipping.  Students at MSU at Ashland and MSU at Prestonsburg may return items to the local KCTCS Library.

You can reach the login page from the link above.. Use your MSU ID and password. It's the same as your blackboard and mymoreheadstate login. Always use the lowercase "m" and do not include the following your ID number. If you have never used the system before, it will prompt you to register.

Patrons should designate themselves as a DL/Ext. Campus Undergraduate or DL/Ext. Campus Graduate during the registration process under "status" in the contact information section.  Once you have registered, please choose the type of item you would like to request from the left-hand New Request menu.

Any circulating library item may be requested, including books, videos, CDs, government documents, and more. Scans of printed articles may also be requested. Non-circulating items and other restricted material require special consideration. Please contact Regional Campus Library Services directly at 606-783-2819.

Call us at 606-783-2819 (Toll Free at 800-423-0884) or email us at

If you need assistance with your requests, please contact the following library departments:

  • For interlibrary loans, contact the Interlibrary Loan Department at 606-783-5117.
  • For off-campus delivery, contact Regional Campus Library Services at or via phone at 606-783-2819 (Toll-free: 800-423-0884).
  • For office delivery and item pick up (staff and faculty only), contact circulation 606-783-5490.



Interlibrary Loan Library Staff

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Stacy Scott
Camden-Carroll Library
Interlibrary Loan
Room 305
606 783 5117

Off-Campus/Regional Campus Library Staff

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Sherry Kelley
Camden-Carroll Library
Regional Campus Library Services
Room 225
Morehead State University
Subjects: Education, Religion