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CCL Makerspace

Makerspace at the Camden Carroll Library - Morehead State University
Camden Carroll Library Makerspace - Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter
Camden Carroll Library Makerspace - 3D Printers Overview
Camden Carroll Library Makerspace - Heatpress
Camden Carroll Library Makerspace - Design Station and Vinyl
Camden Carroll Library Makerspace - Solder Rework Station DC Power Supply
Camden Carroll Library Makerspace - Ender 3D Printers

About the Makerspace

About the Makerspace

The CCL Makerspace in the Camden-Carroll Library is found on the first floor, immediately left of the front entrance (formerly Java City/Camden-Carroll Cafe). The Makerspace enables MSU students, faculty, and staff to explore emerging technologies and foster a creative community of makers.

The vision of this space is to provide patrons with access to the tools and knowledge that may be hard to find elsewhere. The Makerspace makes a range of projects possible through its multiple functions. Both guided and requested services will be employed by the library for safety and other concerns. For instance, 3D printing and laser engraving projects will be performed as a requested service by library staff on a general basis, but education about the machines and processes remains a top priority for patrons who wish to be more involved and get hands-on with the appropriate aspects of their requests.

Currently, guided services operate on a "Bring Your Own Materials" basis and are otherwise performed free of charge. 3D printing materials are provided by the library for a fee on a project by project basis. Cost will be determined by the projected weight of material used before printing (at $0.07 per gram of filament for standard materials) which can be quoted before commitment to the project. Payments can be made in the CCL Makerspace with Beaker Bucks only at the time of pick-up or completion.