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Academic Department Liaisons Program

Library liaisons for Academic Departments at Morehead State University
Faculty Contacts and Librarian Liaisons
Department Faculty Contact Library Liaison
Accounting, Economics & Finance Chien-Chih Peng Mykie Howard
Agricultural Sciences Brent Rogers  Mykie Howard
Art & Design Joy Gritton David Gregory
Biology & Chemistry Sean O'Keefe Mykie Howard
Communication, Media, & Languages Deborah Plum Pamela Colyer
Computer Science & Information Systems Randy McCoy Jason Griffith
Education - Early, Elementary, & Special Marie Kroll Rodney Watkins
Education - Foundational & Graduate Studies Timothy Simpson Rodney Watkins
Education - Middle Grades & Secondary Jody Fernandez Rodney Watkins
Engineering & Technology Management Jorge Ortega-Moody Jason Griffith
English Katy Carlson Tom Kmetz
History, Philosophy, Politics, International & Legal Studies Diana Murphy Dieter Ullrich
Kinesiology, Health & Imaging Sciences Wretha Goodpastor Rodney Watkins
Management & Marketing Dan Nehring Mykie Howard
Mathematics Mike Dobranski Jason Griffith
Military Science Robert Hilton Mykie Howard
Music, Theatre, & Dance Curt Hammond David Gregory
Nursing Michelle McClave Rodney Watkins
Physics, Earth Science and Space Systems Engineering Joshua Qualls Jason Griffith
Psychology Gregory Corso Pamela Colyer
Sociology, Social Work, & Criminology Dianna Murphy Tom Kmetz