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Academic Department Liaisons Program

Library liaisons for Academic Departments at Morehead State University

Academic Department Liaisons

Materials selection at CCL is handled in cooperation with each academic department in the University. This table provides the names of librarians in Camden-Carroll Library who act as liaisons, and their corresponding faculty contacts. If you think that a particular item should be acquired for your academic department, notify the appropriate faculty contact.

What Can Your Liaison Do for You?

While every librarian is different in the type and depth of services they offer their faculty, here are a few things to discuss with your liaison:

  • Custom instruction sessions
  • Online research guides
  • One-on-one research consultations
  • Ordering materials

New to MSU?

We'd love to get to know you! Please contact your department's librarian liaison to schedule a coffee meeting so you can find out more about all the ways Camden-Carroll Library is here to help support you and your students.

Faculty Contacts and Librarian Liaisons
Department Faculty Contact Library Liaison
Accounting, Economics & Finance Chien-Chih Peng Mykie Howard
Agricultural Sciences Brent Rogers  Mykie Howard
Art & Design Joy Gritton Stacy Scott
Biology & Chemistry Sean O'Keefe Mykie Howard
Communication, Media, & Languages Deborah Plum Stacy Scott
Computer Science & Information Systems Randy McCoy Rodney Watkins
Education - Early, Elementary, & Special Marie Kroll Christy Boggs
Education - Foundational & Graduate Studies Timothy Simpson Christy Boggs
Education - Middle Grades & Secondary Jody Fernandez Christy Boggs
Engineering & Technology Management Jorge Ortega-Moody Rodney Watkins
English Katy Carlson Tom Kmetz
History, Philosophy, Politics, International & Legal Studies Dustin Nelson Dieter Ullrich
Kinesiology, Health & Imaging Sciences Wretha Goodpastor Lucinda Ward
Management & Marketing Christy Trent Mykie Howard
Mathematics Mike Dobranski Rodney Watkins
Military Science Robert Hilton Mykie Howard
Music, Theatre, & Dance Curt Hammond Rodney Watkins
Nursing Michelle McClave Lucinda Ward
Physics, Earth Science and Space Systems Engineering Joshua Qualls Rodney Watkins
Psychology Gregory Corso Pamela Colyer
Sociology, Social Work, & Criminology Dianna Murphy Tom Kmetz