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First Year Seminar - Research Strategies (via WebEx)


Audio – If you cannot hear the presenter, from the top menu, go to Audio & Video > Connect Audio > "Use Computer Audio" - Connect -OR- "Call In" - View to join via phone.

Layout – The layout may switch at different points in the presentation. Webex allows you to click and drag on most boxes to move them, or you can use the ‘x’ to remove a box that’s unneeded.

Zooming – If you need to zoom in or out to see parts of the presentation, use the magnifying glass options that show on mouse over on the left side of the screen on desktop. Mobile users can pinch and spread on the screen to zoom in or out.

Q&A – We have all participants muted, but you can leave a question in the Q&A at any time for us to address during or after the presentation.


Attendance -- WebEx logs the duration of your attendance, so sticking with us through the end of the session is the only way to earn the points.