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First Year Seminar - Research Strategies (via WebEx)


  1. The attributes of the research question one chooses to explore will determine the best resources to use.  The more precision and clarity that can be reached in formulating the question, the easier it will be to identify the most appropriate resources to search.
  2. The library currently offers more than 150 databases.  Understanding the filtering capabilities of the databases A to Z list is essential for students to take the first step in picking the best resources for their research.
  3. Standard features of web database interfaces such as search boxes and browse lists often obscure the size, scope, granularity, and unique capabilities of the underlying database.  Learning how to pay attention to the size, scope, granularity, and special features of an electronic resources is an essential part of knowing what to use for any given research question.
  4. An awareness of how "the principle of least effort" is operating in themselves and in others can help researchers make better decisions about choosing and using information sources.
  5. Understanding the subculture that shapes and operates within a discipline is an essential part of understanding the information sources that are generated and valued by that discipline.