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English 090/099: ENG 099

St. Martin's Handbook (e-book)

St. Martin's Handbook (access the e-handbook here)

Search Tips

Use your main ideas as keywords.

Connect keywords with AND.

Experiment with different combinations of words when you search.

For example --


Spanking does more harm than good.


spanking, corporal punishment, children, discipline, behavior, benefits, results, effects, etc.

Possible Searches

spanking AND behavior

corporal punishment AND children

Find Books

Library Catalog (find anything located in our library)

Find Articles

EBSCO FT (search for articles in more than 5,000 journals)

CQ Researcher (find reports on a broad array of topics)


See also:

Contemporary Women's Issues  (find information related specifically to women)

ERIC (find articles on any education related topic)

Social Sciences Index (find articles on a variety of social issues)

Sociological Collection (find articles on a variety of social issues)

Assignment: Social Problems Paper (Vanmeter)

For our research paper topics this semester we will be choosing a social problem, identifying why it is a problem, and finding one solution for the problem and discussing it. You should write as much of the paper as you can from your own research and the knowledge gained from it, not copying from others’ work.  However, all your content must be backed up with documented sources and whatever statistics are available.


Format of paper:

Introduction – Identify the problem and discuss it

Body – identify one solution and discuss it

Conclusion – summarize your work in logical form

In-text documentation must be used.  It may be attribution or parenthetical or both but must be done properly and accurately.

The paper will follow certain steps and each step must be completed and approved before you can move on to the next step or you may not complete the final paper. Acceptable research papers are required to pass the class.


1.       Choose a topic

2.       Complete an annotated bibliography

3.       Take notes

4.       Do the introduction

5.       Do the body

6.       Complete a rough draft for peer evaluation

7.       Revise for my grading along with a completed folder


List of possible topics:

Elder Abuse Social security/retirement issues
Deadbeat dads/unpaid child support Human trafficking
Child abuse Poverty
Hate crimes Teen pregnancy
Drinking and driving Gay rights
High school drop outs/access to education/etc. Illegal immigrants
Censorship Drug addiction
Living wage/uninsured/etc. Gangs/violence/crime/prison reform/etc.
Pollution/global warming/etc. Homelessness
Unemployment Literacy
Racism Date Rape


also: distracted drivers, marijuana legalization, ?? if you have others, leave a comment below!

The paper should be two to three pages not counting the works cited page.

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