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Periodicals Collection

The periodicals collection includes newspapers, magazines, and journals in electronic, print, microfiche, and microfilm formats.

Beyond the basics:


  • Understand that not every journal indexed in a database will have links to the full text of the article.  The button provides you with several options when this is the case.
  • Understand that articles from the most recent year may not be available in a database because of an embargo period.  For these you will need to check our print holdings or send through an interlibrary loan request.
  • Comprehensive information about any particular publication (even those to which we do not subscribe) can be found in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.


  • The typical database only goes back a few decades.  To search for earlier articles use our print indexes on the 2nd floor.  Here is an explanation of print indexes.
  • Most people don't really like having to use Micro formats.  But for when it's necessary we have two excellent hi tech digital scanner stations which is actually kind of fun to use.


  • to use scholarly and not popular articles are you confident you can make that distinction?  If not then checkout our quick tutorial on (for titles in print format) Distinctions Among Types of Periodicals
  • ... that the articles you use be peer-reviewed. 
    It is easiest to use this search page.

    Understand that: "Refereed," "Juried," "Blind Review" are all synonyms for "Peer-Review."  How can you tell when something is peer-reviewed?
    • When you are looking at a print copy, of an entire issue, there will be an editorial board of scholars with academic credentials given.
    • Use a check box limit in your database search (when available).
    • Consult: Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. (Search on the source title NOT the article title and then look for the icon indicating it is refereed.)
  • ... that you use newspapers or news sources.