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Off-Campus Access

Gain access to the library's electronic resources when you are outside of the campus network.

Diagnose and Attempt to Resolve Your Difficulty


1) If your PC is inside the campus network (even on a wireless connection) you should not typically have to enter a login/password.  If you do have difficulties, then send us a description (with screen shots if possible) of the problem.

2) Are you entering the complete username?  It used to be 8 characters like this:


Now it must be your full MSU e-mail address like this:

3) If your PC is outside of the campus network the most likely source of any difficulty is that your browser's security settings are restricting cookies.  Cookies are small programs that are sent from servers to PCs.  From malicious sources they pose a risk, but from the library's electronic resources there is little risk.  So your first step should be to unblock cookies.

4) If your PC is at your workplace, you may want to ask whether the firewall might be blocking cookies.  Check with your server administrator or call the help line at your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  This can happen at home too, but more often it will happen at your workplace.

5) Finally, check to make sure that your Eagle Account is actually functioning.

Still Can't Get In?
Boy!  You're a hard case.

Maybe the database that you need is available using the alternative access box to the right.  If so you are in luck.  If not call us during the day between 9:00 am - 4:30pm at (606) 783-5111.  Try to be in a situation which allows you to be online while you talk to us.  We may ask you to e-mail us screenshots of your error messages.

Alternative Access

If you still cannot resolve your difficulty and need immediate access, the alternatives given below will help you find a back door into MANY but NOT ALL of our databases.


Go to the page that gives you the login and password for the Kentucky Virtual Library.  It will prompt you for your Eagle ID to get there.  There is a link into KYVL from this page.