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MUSE 325: Locating Children's Music and Materials

Music fundamentals and methods. Orientation to music teaching. Materials and methods for the elementary school with emphasis on the teaching of musical concepts through developmental techniques.

Where should I look?

Materials used to teach music to children will be found in the Learning Resource Center on the 1st floor of the Library.  There are additional books located in the Main Music collection on the 4th floor East Tower.

If you aren't finding what you need, please ask for help at the Learning Resource Center.

Music Textbooks

Music textbooks for K-12 are located at the LRC BOOKS 372.87 call number in the LRC BOOKS collection.  Select a textbook, and to ensure you have all the materials related to the text, take the call number from the book and look in the CD area of the LRC collection, and other LRC locations such as Video, DVDs, and Teach Aids.  You may also look up the title in the online catalog to pull up the full record of the textbook and its related materials.

Learning Resource Center

For assistance in locating materials in the LRC, please contact:

John Burton, Library Specialist


Rodney Watkins, Librarian

Subject Headings

In the Library catalog use the following subject heading searches.  Be sure to click on "Search by Subject Heading" on the right side of the catalog screen.

  • Music Instruction and Study
  • Music Textbooks
  • Children's Songs
  • Singing Games
  • Games with Music
  • School Songbooks
  • Movement Education

Learning Resource Center

Children's Music

You may browse children's music in the LRC AUDIO-CD 782.42083 area of the LRC.


Narrow your search by using the online catalog's "Refine My Results" feature.  You may limit by:

  • Location in the Library or
  • Resource Type
    • Sound Recording
    • Videos/DVDs
    • LRC Books
    • LRC Teach Aids
    • LRC Software

Need Something Specific?

Use a combination of terms or phrases, try the "Advanced Search" feature.  Examples:

  • Composers using "Refine My Results" to Limit to LRC Books only
  • Children's songs and jazz using the "Advanced Search"
  • Children's songs and science using the "Advanced Search"