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DIY Research Guide

Quick lessons on how to best use the library's resources.

Today's researchers can find scholarly articles without concerning themselves too much with the journals in which they appear.  However, there are good reasons to pay attention to the publication in which an article appears.

  • Researchers who care about getting it right, should be able to tell the difference between a reputable journal and a disreputable one.
  • Specialists need to keep current with whichever reputable, cutting-edge journals cover their area.
  • Researchers wanting to publish must become familiar with scholarly journals.
  • Predatory Publishing has emerged as a problem in recent years as the economics behind publishing scholarship have changed.  A lack of familiarity with scholarly journals is what enables the predatory journals to exist.

Scholarly Journals

Step One -- On the library's home page you have the option to find journals by using a search box or by using a interface designed for browsing.  Click on the one that best suits your need.

In both cases you will find only those journals to which the library has access.  To learn about journals we do not offer, use the search tools described and linked to in the box to the left. 

Step Two -- Type the name of the journal into the search box.  If you know the ISSN, then use that.


Step Three -- You will notice that there are two links for each journal on the list.  The first link "Availiable Online" will take you into the catalog record that describes the journal (with links to online access).  The second link "View Journal Contents" takes you into BrowZine (a special interface for browsing journal content) which also offers links to the articles in the journal.  We use BrowZine because it easy to navigate and presents our journals from diverse sources in a standard format.



Step Two -- Type the name of the journal into the search box.  If you know the ISSN, then use that.  Alternatively you can simply click into a category and explore that way.



Step Three -- Here is a journal record in the BrowZine interface.  If you decide to set up in individual account in BrowZine you can take advantage of the "My Bookshelf" and "My Articles" features (highlighted in red).