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Make Gift to the Library

Camden-Carroll Library serves as the center of research and information services for Morehead State University’s students, faculty, and staff. The Library also welcomes residents of the community and region, and thousands of community residents use our Library each year. The Library provides online access to library patrons regardless of their physical location.

Two Ways to Donate:

  • Monetary gifts of any amount are much appreciated. Gifts are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by the Morehead State University Office of Development.
  • Gifts in kind (books and other library materials) are also welcome.  These can be dropped off at the Circulation Desk.  For tax deduction forms for gifts in kind, please contact Stacy Scott, Acquisitions Librarian.

If you are interested in discussing a donation for a specific purpose, contact the Dean of Library Services, at 606-783-2686.

Monetary Donations

  1. Visit the Giving Site.
  2. Click on the "Give Now" button.
  3. Enter the amount you want to give in the 'Donation Amount' box.
  4. Under 'Designations' select "Search Designations' as shown in the screen shot below.  Then type in the word 'library' to see the funds from which you can choose.
  5. Check the box next to the fund you want to give to, and then click 'continue'.
  6. Complete the online form and submit.

Gifts In Kind (Books, DVDs, Equipment, ...)

All gifts in kind can be brought to the library and dropped off at the Circulation Desk.


The library has a greater need for recently published books (within the last 10 years and in like-new condition) than it does for older books.  Any donated books should be in good condition (without highlighting and marginalia).  Books with a scholarly focus are preferred to books written for a popular audience.  Outdated textbooks are not desirable.

The link below can function as a wish list for the library.  It shows all the books that have received an 'essential' rating in Choice Reviews.  Any of these books would be welcomed as donations to CCL.


We would welcome the donation of DVDs for any popular movies or television that we do not already own.  Use this search box to see which DVDs we already have in our collection.

The links below can function as wish lists for the library because they are sources of desirable cinema and documentaries.

Below are listed distributors of high-quality documentary films on DVD.  The price per item can range between $25 and $300.


The library would be interested in new or gently used video and audio equipment that may be checked out to students, faculty, and staff, as well as older video editing equipment such as Hi-8 or DVC camcorders which can be used internally for media conversion and archiving projects.  We cannot use personal computers or printers.

To see a list of similar equipment currently provided by the library, click here.

Consult with Joe Schubert to confirm that your piece of equipment would be useful to the library:

The Morehead News

The library has a gap in its coverage of The Morehead News from 2010 to 2016. 

Any donations of issues from that time span would be greatly appeciated.

Appalshop Films

Any donations of Appalshop DVDs that we do not already have are particularly welcome.