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Print Indexes

When a database does not cover the earlier years that you need it to, then you may need to use the print index version of it.

Print Indexes for Historical Research at Camden-Carroll Library

Before there were computers and online databases, people used printed indexes for doing research in their topics. Even today, many online databases are limited in the number of years they cover, sometimes only going back twenty or thirty years. Scholarship from earlier eras remains important. Comprehensive historical research can even be a matter of life and death!

This guide lists the printed indexes in the library collection by the dates of coverage, so, if you were to research the First World War you could look at the indexes available for the years 1911 to 1920 to find articles and books published in that period.

The indexes are listed here by decade and then by alphabetical order. Some may cover a number of years and span many decades, while others may cover only a few years. Most of these indexes are located along the back wall of 2nd Floor West. If you cannot find one ask at the Research Help Desk.