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First Year Seminar - Topical Guides (via WebEx)

Library of Congress Subject Headings

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1.  In the past, when you have had the freedom to choose your research topics, what is the typical response from your teachers?  That your topic is...

A. too broad and you need to narrow it

B. too narrow and you need to expand it

C. at just the right level of specificity.

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2.  If you submit a topic you are interested in, and your instructor tells you that it needs to be narrowed, what are you most likely to do?

A. Come up with an entirely different topic and hope that that one is approved.

B. Ask your instructor for an example of a how it could be more specific and then latch onto that example and go with it.

C. Limit it geographically by saying something like, "... in Kentucky" or "in Fayette County".

Tap into the syndetic structure of LCSH.

syndetic - connective or connecting


Library of Congress Authorities -


Topics that definitely need narrowing:

Look at both Subdivisions and Narrower Terms

  • camping
  • space science
  • strikes