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What is the Camden Carroll Library doing to fight Covid-19? : Home

This guide will explain the adjustments to library policy for the Fall 2020 Semester designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Preventative steps taken by the CCL staff

The Camden Carroll Library staff has taken steps to better control the exposure and possible spread of Covid-19. These changes can be seen below:

  • Frequently touched surfaces and partitions will be cleaned hourly if they are not in use. 
  • Seating and computers have been moved throughout the building to align with CDC social distance recommendations.
  • 5th floor of the library tower will be closed.
  • Lounge seating has been removed from public spaces to prevent social gathering. 
  • Staff will retrieve library items by request.
  • Flow of movement arrows have been added to show the proper routes on each floor to insure social distancing. 
  • Markers have been placed six feet apart at public service desks, and other static spaces, to insure social distancing.
  • Staff will take patron information at the circulation desk.

Adjusted Library Hours for Fall 2020

Sunday          1pm - 6pm

Monday          8am - 6pm

Tuesday         8am - 6pm

Wednesday   8am - 6pm 

Thursday       8am - 6pm

Friday            8am - 6pm

Saturday       Closed 

What's expected of patrons?

Patrons will need to set an appointment to use library spaces. You can find the request form here. Patrons should adhere to the following changes if they wish to use library spaces. 

  • If you do not wear a mask you will not be permitted to use library spaces. 
  • No group gatherings of any size to guarantee social distancing.
  • You must check in at the circulation desk to be seated.
  • You must check out at the circulation desk so staff is aware your seat and surrounding areas need to be disinfected. 
  • Furniture cannot be moved in order to guarantee social distancing. 
  • Leave any library materials you have used, but do not plan to check out, at your seat so they can be properly quarantined.
  • Follow flow of movement arrows to insure social distancing. 
  • Remain six feet apart, illustrated by markers on the floor, when waiting at public service points or the elevator. 
  • If you need to borrow library materials please request the items before coming to the building. If you are unsure of how to request items in our collection you can find step-by-step guide here
  • If the above policies and procedures are not followed, patrons will be asked to leave the building.