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How to Use Mental Measurements Yearbook

MMY Layout

Test Entry

This is the first page you will be directed to after finding a record in Mental Measurements Yearbook. It has general information about the assessment such as title of test, author, purpose, price data, etc. You can access the HTML Full Text of a review from the left side of the Test Entry page.


In this section the reviewer gives a brief description of the assessment including target participants, its intended use, and how to properly administer the test.  


This section of the review outlines the development of the assessment. The reviewer will include methodology used to develop the assessment, as well as exploring the theoretical reasoning of the assessment publisher, to illustrate the validity of the assessment.


This section covers the primary points of standardization, reliability, and validity. Here the reviewer outlines how the assessment is administered consistently, how consistent scoring of the assessment is, and how the results of the assessment could be used.  The reviewer may also summarize the validity of the assessment results among different demographics including race, gender, etc.


In this section the review discusses the strengths and weakness of the assessment and provides an overall evaluation of it. This is the section that gives the reviewer’s feelings about the quality of the assessment.


In this section the reviewer will provide recommendations about the assessment and may provide recommendations for a more appropriate or higher quality assessment.

Reviewer’s References

This section provides proper citations for references used by the reviewer.