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JSTOR Ebooks


The library has more than 43,000 of JSTOR's ebooks from 83 scholarly publishers.

These have no limits on the number of concurrent users nor do they have any DRM restrictions - they can be freely downloaded and saved.

MSU instructors can treat these book chapters as course readings without concern for copyright restrictions by linking to them.  Below are instructions for setting up such links so that they will work for users both on and off campus.

When you identify a chapter that you want to use as a reading, it is easy to find (in the record) a URL that look like this:

The word "stable" correctly indicates that you can use this URL to return to that chapter in the future.

However, such a link will only work within the campus network.  To make the chapter accessible to off-campus users, you must perform a simple operation on each link that you want to use.

This is the library's proxy prefix.

Simply prepend the prefix onto the URL for the chapter you want (taking care that there is no space between the equal sign at the end of the prefix and the 'h' at the begining of the URL).