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This guide is to assist students taking Dr. Sylvia Henneberg's ENG 499C with their research paper.

Header: ENG 499C: Research Guide

The Assignment

For Dr. Sylvia Henneberg's ENG 499 Capstone class, students are assigned a research paper worth 30% of their grade.

"This paper seeks to combine teaching and research skills by having students write a 6-10 page paper explaining how they would teach a text of their choice and which resources they would use. Students [then] contribute an essay to the "Approaches" series by contemplating what is already in place... Students should think of this not as a plan for a classroom session at a particular grade level but as a contribution to the field of teaching in general."

This Guide

In order to effectively and efficiently accomplish the above goals, students should use this guide as a starting place to find:

  • online literature resources (scholarly journal articles, eBooks, eReference sources, streaming media)
  • print literature resources (scholarly journal articles, books, encyclopedias, traditional media)
  • online and print education resources (both scholarly and organizational)
  • search tips for using online library databases
  • how to get research assistance (via chat, email, phone, or in-person)
  • additional library research resources