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CIS 311 - Management Information Systems: for Randy McCoy's students

This is a core class for the Bachelor of Business Administration in which most students get their first experience with using library research tools relating to business.

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003     Systems
004     Data processing, Computer science

004.1     General works on specific types of computers
004.2     Systems analysis and design, computer architecture

004.5     Storage

004.6     Interfacing and communications

004.7     Peripherals

005     Computer programming, programs, data

005.1     Programming
005.2     Programming for specific types of computers

005.3     Programs

005.4     Systems programming and programs

005.6     Microprogramming and microprograms

005.7     Data in computer systems

005.8     Data security

006     Special computer methods

006.3     Artificial intelligence
006.4     Computer pattern recognition

006.5     Computer sound synthesis

006.6     Computer graphics

330     Economics
332     Financial economics

336     Public finance
339     Macroeconomics & related topics
650     Management & auxiliary services
657     Accounting
658     General management