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ART 264 Ancient-Medieval Dr. Julia Finch: Online Resources

Resources for the Virtual Museum Assignment

Welcome to the ART 264 Help Guide

This guide was created to assist you with the ART 264 Ancient-Medieval Thematic Essay assignment.

The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live. - Rodin

On the this page (Online Resources), you'll find information for locating and using the library's online materials, as well as general websites with examples. 

On the previous page (Home), you'll see resources for: searching for books; where to look for books in the library; getting research help; contacting the ART librarian. 


Databases (right) are library sources to use when you are looking for online scholarly materials, such as:

  • Journal articles
  • eBooks or eBook chapters
  • Newspapers or magazines
  • Visual materials (images, maps, charts, etc.)
  • Audio materials (interviews, audiobooks, radio broadcasts)
  • Streaming media (documentaries and movies)

Online resources (below) are internet websites that go beyond the library's materials. They can help you with particular aspects of this assignment, such as:

  • Viewing examples of thematic essays
  • Viewing exhibits in contemporary museums
  • Understanding how a collection is curated

e-Journals (below) are library sources to use when you are looking for journal articles.

Online Resources

Databases for Art