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DIY Research Guide: Log In from Off Campus

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

Log In- Step 1

When attempting to enter a library database or other electronic resources from off campus, you will likely encounter a login page.


Log In from Off Campus page


Use your MSU ID#  (m1234567) and password, the same you would use to log into Blackboard or MyMoreheadState.

Log In- Step 2

That's it!

Once you log in, you should be redirected into the electronic resource.  If you do not close your browser, your initial log in should work for any additional resources you attempt to access via the Library's website.

Additional Info

The library uses the Eagle ID for access to most of its online resources and services, though there may be exemptions.

Access to most of the library's electronic resources is limited (by contracts and license agreements) to currently enrolled students and currently employed staff and faculty.

On computers inside the campus network it is often not necessary to log in to many of the resources.  But users connecting from home will always need to log in (or authenticate in library lingo).

Examples of library resources or services using the Eagle ID are:


Next Steps

If you are unable to log in, you may want to: