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Learning Technology Lab DIY Guide

Learn how to effectively use hardware peripherals and software programs at Camden-Carroll Library


The keyboard and mouse are located at the Research Help desk

The assigned location of the wireless keyboard and mouse are located on the bag. Make sure you use the devices are in said location

The wireless keyboard is turned on automatically but there is a power button located on the top left corner of it

To turn on the wireless mouse you have to slide the button left to turn on and then slide it to the left to turn it off when you’re done. The button is located on the bottom of the mouse

If the devices don’t turn on the rechargeable batteries will need to be replaced. To access the batteries on the devices they are located on the bottom part of it.

Rechargeable Batteries

The Location of batteries is in the top left cabinet of the first office in the Learning Technology Lab. The batteries will be in a blue box that’s labeled Rechargeable Batteries. Grab the desired batteries for the devices and put the old ones back in the Blue Box.