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Special Collections

University Archives; Appalachia / Kentucky; Theses & Dissertations; Genealogy; Manuscripts; Oral Histories; Video Archives; Rare Books; Artifacts; Records Management

Guidelines for the Use of Physical Collections

General Rules Governing Use of Materials in Special Collections

The books, photographs and manuscripts in Special Collections are available for research use and are subject to the following rules:

  •     Material from these collections does not circulate and must be used in the Reading Room under supervision, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  •     Researchers must sign the register and present valid photo-identification.
  •     Researchers are permitted to use one book or manuscript collection at a time. Exceptions may be made by the person on duty if appropriate. (Examples: Researchers using multi-volume sets or working on textual comparisons).
  •     All inquiries concerning photocopying must be referred to a librarian.
  •     Special Collections material must be handled with great care. USE PENCIL ONLY. Do not make any marks on the materials, and do not open uncut pages.
  •     Keep Special Collections materials on reading room table surfaces at all times, unless provided special supports for the materials by the desk attendant.
  •     No books, papers, or other objects may be laid on Special Collections materials.
  •     When using manuscripts material, do not disturb the arrangement of papers or folders.
  •     When you have finished using material, please return it to the desk and wait until the material has been checked in.
  •     It is possible to place material on "Hold" if you plan to make repeated use of the material within the week. Please inform the librarian whether you will be using the material again during the next week.  

Reproducing and Photographing Special Collections Materials

  •     Applications to reproduce Special Collections materials must be submitted for approval by the Special Collections librarian.
  •     All requests for photography must be approved by a Special Collections librarian.
  •     Approved photography is allowed by appointment ONLY. Please call (606) 783-5122 to make an appointment.
  •     Permission to reproduce or to photograph does not imply permission to publish.

Rules Governing Use of Manuscripts

The manuscript collections of Murray State University are available for research use by students, faculty, and visiting scholars. All manuscript users must complete a registration application form, provide valid photo-identification (institutional ID, driver's license), and sign the register. Special permission may be required for access to restricted collections. All material must be used in the Special Collections reading room, in accordance with the general Special Collections Regulations. Morehead State University reserves the right to limit the amount of material issued to a researcher at any one time.

Locating Manuscripts

Researchers can locate manuscripts through a variety of finding aids including manuscript accession sheets, separate indexes, calendars, and inventories to individual collections. Selected collections have also been cataloged onto the Morehead State University online catalog. Researchers should consult a Special Collections librarian for assistance in locating manuscripts.

Photocopying Manuscripts

Morehead State University will permit a reasonable amount of photocopying from its manuscript holdings, but reserves the right to restrict copying from any of its collections and to deny requests for copies. Photocopies are for reference use only and may not be transferred to any other person or institution without specific permission of the Morehead State University Special Collections and Archives. A librarian must approve all photocopy requests, which may be submitted on an application to reproduce Special Collections materials.

Permission to Publish Manuscripts

Permission to consult or reproduce manuscripts does not constitute authorization to publish them. Permission to publish manuscript materials in the Morehead State University Special Collections and Archives must be obtained in writing from a Special Collections librarian. The letter of application should specify the materials to be reproduced and the publication in which they will be used. Permission is granted insofar as the University is the owner of property rights and does not include literary rights, which must be obtained by the researcher or publisher from the author, or the author's heirs, estate, or literary executor.

Other Rules May Apply

Research and Reproduction Services for Physical Collections

Fees for Organizations and Individuals that have no Association with Morehead State University

  • $10 research and service fee for all research requests not received in person at Camden-Carroll Library, such as via correspondence, e-mail, phone, etc.

Added postage fees for packages over the standard United States Postal Service flat rate envelope or special requests such as rushed or overnight delivery, etc.

  • Fees for Photocopying
    • .25 cents per page or image (letter or legal size)
  • Fees for Scanning Documents and Photographs
    • 1 – 10 scans per request: $1.00 per scan
    • 11 or 25 scans per request: $2.00 per scan
    • 25 or more scans per project: Negotiated
    • Documents that have already been scanned – No Charge

Fees for Reproduction of Photographic Material

For information on the most current prices, please contact the Special Collections & Archives Department at Camden-Carroll

Fees for Publishing Morehead State University Photographs

Not-For-Profit Publishers

No Charge

For-Profit or Commercial Publishers

One-time use of an image: $50

Use of the image in perpetuity: $200

Fees for Morehead State University offices and departments and for Morehead State University administrators, staff, faculty, students and alumni

Fee for Photocopying

.25 cents per page or image (letter or legal size)

Fees for Scanning Documents and Photographs

1 – 10 scans per project: No Charge

11 – 25 scans per project: $1.00 per scan

25 or more scans per project: Negotiated

Fees for Publishing Morehead State University Photographs

No Charge