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Open Educational Resources

Open Education Resources (OERs) are teaching and learning materials placed on the Internet for public use.  OERs can be:

  • Learning Objects
  • Textbooks
  • Videos
  • College Courses

Learning Objects

Learning Objects are discrete units for online learning.  They can be in any format--animations, text documents, videos, and graphics.

Amazon Inspire allows educators to discover, download, curate and share Open Educational Resources (OER).

Hippocampus is a free, core academic web site that delivers multimedia content--videos, animations, and simulations--on general education subjects.

MERLOT II is the oldest repository for online learning objects.

Florida's ORANGE GROVE contains openly available instructional resources for Florida's educators.

OER Commons contains learning objects organized by subject, education level, and common standard.

NROC is a community-guided non-profit organization focused on college and career readiness.  Offers Math and English courses.

Free & Open Access Electronic Textbook Initiatives

MOOC Platforms

United States







Instructure's Canvas


FutureLearn (Britain):

Iversity (Germany):

Open2study (Australia): 

Schoo (Japan)

Veduca (Brazil):

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