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New Primo UI: Search Results

This guide details the most relevant changes in the new Primo User Interface.

Primo Classic - Search Results

Instead of having the option to click Find It/View now or Details, the new interface provides a single link to the full record display which will contain the View, Find and Details tabs. Here is the classic view:

Primo 2.0 - Search Results

After clicking on a search result in Primo 2.0, you will see the following:

By clicking any of those links, you can easily navigate to those areas in the record. Also, you can easily close the record by clicking the big “X” on the left side instead of having to hit back on the browser to return to the search results. 

One more thing of note on the search results page is you will no longer have to click page by page to get to additional search results. In the new UI, you simply click “Load more results” and they will continue loading on the same page. There is also a navigation arrow on the bottom right-hand side that will allow you to scroll up and down by page and also go back to the beginning (double arrows):