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African American Literature



In this guide you will find materials that are written by African American authors, but also materials about African American authors. There are several academic books that focus specifically on African American literature, and in these you'll find more complete lists of authors that this guide might be missing.

Rather than splitting the authors by genre, I have split them by century.


Obviously this list isn't exhaustive, so if you feel that there are authors that should be included, please feel free to complete the form under the 'suggestions' tab. This list was compiled by gathering names from numerous reference sources as mentioned above.

I will be adding more titles as time permits.

Research Tips

  • Use the keywords in the 'Subject Headings' tab by copy and pasting them into one of our databases or library catalogs. This can result in precise results.
  • Once you find a book in our catalog, click the 'virtual browse' link. This will show you what books surround it on the shelf.
  • If you find a book that is extremely relevant, look at the bibliography in the back of the book. This will show what sources the author used, and can lead to more information (albiet older information).