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EDMG-347 - Literature and Materials for the Pre-Adolescent

A survey of literature for the middle grades in which students will examine materials across the different genres as well as various types of media appropriate for levels of certification in grades 5-9.

Finding Genre Materials

Use the chart below when searching the online catalogs for libraries.  You may use the Dewey Decimal numbers to browse the shelves of your library.  Also use your textbook and the lists below to help identify books for a particular genre.


Genre Call # Browse at
Libraries Using Dewey Decimal System
 Folk Tales  398.2 or LRC E  Tales or Folklore or Fairy Tales  Folk Tales
 Fables  398.2 or LRC E  Fables  Fables
 Myths  292  Mythology  Myths
 Legends  398.2  Legends  Legends
 Fantasy  F  Fantasy  
 Poetry  811 or LRC E  Poetry or Ballads or Limericks or     Haiku or Nonsense Verses  
 Realistic Fiction   F    
 Historical Fiction  F  Historical Fiction  Historical or Historic
 Adventure    Adventure and adventurers  Adventure
 Mysteries      Mystery
 Sports      Sports
 Supernatural      Supernatural
 Biographies  B    Biography
 Informational  Books  001 - 999    

Dewey Decimal System

The following lists identifies specific ranges in the Dewey Decimal system that may be useful to your search.


DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM (selected items)


 000  Generalities  


 Reading & Reading Aids


 Children's Literature
 100  Philosophy  
 200  Religion  


 Classical (Greek & Roman) religion (including Myths)
 300  Social  Sciences  


 400  Language  
 500  Pure  Sciences  
 600  Technology  
 700  The Arts  
 800  Literature  


 History, Description & Critical Appraisal




 English Poetry
900 Geography & History