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English Instruction: English 100

Guide to English Instruction at the Camden-Carroll Library

Breakout Box Activity

The Breakout Box activity is a gamified version of the traditional English 100 instruction. Students work in groups to solve a variety of "Escape Room" style puzzles and scavenger hunts within locked boxes. Six unique versions of the activity ensure that each group works independently, but all learn the valuable information present on the Library Quiz. Groups are guided along as needed by the library instructor to ensure all groups finish the activity within the time limit, learning the relevant information and opening the final box for a prize.

Breakout Box Exterior
Sample Narrative 2
Breakout Box Interior
Sample Narrative
Sample Puzzle
Red Lens Puzzle
Secret Message Crossword
Crossword Puzzle


Olympics Biathlon

The Library Research Olympics is a competitive, group based activity with two events; Book Boxing and Article Archery. The activity is heavily focused on students independently using the library database and search features to answer questions from the library quiz.

English Olympics Title Slide
Olympics Event 1
Olympics Event 2
Olympics Medal Ceremony