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FYS Winnie the Pooh and Buddha Too: Home


This course is taught by:

Dr. Christina Conroy
Office: 354 Rader Hall
Phone: 606-783-2655

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Course Description

Winnie the Pooh and Buddha Too:

Taoism and Buddism as Ways of Life

The theme of this seminar, like all the others, is “fact or fiction,” but students will give the theme some odd twists as they think about Buddhism and Taoism as philosophies of life. Focusing on the ancient teachings of the original Indian Buddhist (the Buddha himself) and the two great Chinese Taoists ( Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu), as well as recent popular expositions of these teachings, students will read both factual and fictional stuff. They will examine such questions as: Was Winnie the Pooh really a Taoist, or is that just fiction? Is the common western conception of Buddhism and Taoism at odds with the facts? What is the difference between fact and fiction anyway? Is there one? Along the way students will consider the Buddhist idea that what we think of as the world of fact is really just another fiction of our own.

Subject Guide

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