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Please Tell Us What You Think: September Trial 2015

Our purpose is to regularly seek faculty, staff, and student opinions of new electronic resources which the library could potentially offer.


This past summer the library launched a new service called BrowZine for browsing scholarly journals in a unified way regardless of the publisher's platform.  There is a similar service for popular, non-scholarly magazines called Flipster.  Explore Flipster by clicking into the link below and then please respond to the questions to the right.

CAVEAT: The number and variety of titles shown in this trial is greater than the number and variety that would be available if the library adopted Flipster.


Would you use Flipster if it were available?
Yes. I would use it.: 74 votes (59.68%)
No. I would not use it.: 50 votes (40.32%)
Total Votes: 124
Should academic libraries spend money on popular magazine subscriptions.
Yes. That's part of what an excellent library should do.: 85 votes (66.41%)
No. Academic libraries should only subscribe to peer-reviewed journals.: 43 votes (33.59%)
Total Votes: 128
If you think that an academic library should offer popular magazines, then should they be offered:
in print format only?: 22 votes (17.05%)
online only?: 38 votes (29.46%)
both in print and online (even if it is more expensive)?: 23 votes (17.83%)
some titles in print and some titles online?: 46 votes (35.66%)
Total Votes: 129