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This course is taught by:

Connie Grimes
Office: 108A Bert Combs Bldg
Phone: 606-783-5243

Keyword worksheet

Feel free to use this worksheet to help you develop a search string to use while finding resources.

Course Description

This seminar focuses on technology, particularly Internet-based, and how it influences society and culture. Students will explore a number of controversial topics and develop a fuller understanding of how the technologies we use and experience shape our society and our lives. Topics will include social technologies and how they build cultures, technology and information privacy, information ownership and sharing, and ethics and behavior in a connected world. The course will use active learning and discussion-focused formats, with a significant portion of the content details driven by student interest. Students will research, formulate, present and argue multiple points of view and become adept at evaluating online information sources and integrating technology into their learning experiences.

Research Paper

Research Paper for FYS 101

You will need to pick a topic dealing with technology. Paper should/could include:

  • History/Background Information about your topic.
  • Current Trend(s) of your topic.
  • Economic outlook or changes that have affected your topic.
  • Future Growth of your topic.
  • Additional information that you feel relevant to the topic.

Paper must have a Works Cited Page with at least 3-5 sources. Make sure to use the library for any help with sources. You should reference your sources within your paper.

Final Paper - should be MLA style with 12 point font and 1.5 spacing with a page length of 5-6 content pages. See grading rubric for additional help when preparing paper.

Paper is due: Friday, November 16th at midnight. Upload paper to Blackboard link in Assignments folder.

Subject Guide

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Rodney Watkins
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