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Professor: Building Green Homes

This course is taught by:

Dr. Sanjeev Adhikari

Department of Applied Engineering and Technology
Office: 310 Lloyd-Cassity Bldg
Phone: 606-783-2416


Course Description

Carbon footprints and low environmental impact are more than just buzz words. They reflect a more thoughtful approach to life on the planet. This seminar provides an introduction to green construction within the global context of sustainability. Green construction minimizes environmental impact and has changed the construction industry. It is part of the growing trend to recycle, reuse, and make the most of what you have with minimum impact on the future ecology of the planet. Students will examine the social, economic, and environmental impacts of green construction and analyze their impact on the industry and on the planet. By examining green building and its results, they will better understand renewable energy and the need for matching green projects with sustainable locations.

Dr. Adhikari joined the department of Industrial and Engineering Technology in 2009. An Assistant Professor, his PhD in Civil Engineering is from Michigan Technological University. His research is in green building and construction, building information modeling and computational mechanics of highway pavements and transportation materials. He has also been involved in the design and testing of sustainable highway material, such as using warm mix asphalt, nano material and crumb rubber.

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