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FYS Finding Facts In a Global Flood of Information: Home


This class is taught by:

Dr. Thomas Creahan

Office: CB 110K
Phone: 606-783-2740

Course Description

This seminar examines the flood of information, misinformation, and disinformation in today’s world. Finding facts can be like finding a needle in a haystack, and social action and public participation require skills for processing and evaluating information carefully and rigorously. Students will build these skills by critically exploring and analyzing information, communicating clearly and concisely to engage in public discussion and debate, and making decisions and acting based on an evidentiary foundation. Students will focus on key global issues of climate change, environmental destruction, population growth, and extreme poverty. These complex problems require multidisciplinary approaches to address the dynamic interplay of the environment, economy, culture, society, and politics. Focusing on these subjects is a step forward in building a long-term commitment to a sustainable future.

Dr. Creahan, an Associate Professor of Economics, teaches environmental economics, principles of economics, managerial economics and labor economics, as well as public finance. His research interests are in the fields of economics pedagogy, environmental taxation and computer-assisted instruction.

Subject Guide

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