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This course is taught by:

Layne Neeper
Office: 204 Bert Combs Bldg
Phone: 606-783-2736

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Course Description

Students in this seminar will explore the artistic qualities of contemporary rock and roll through an examination of its lyrics and music. They will apply the study of poetic elements to the language of rock songs in order to distinguish important values and ideas found in some rock music from the popular perception that it is a mere throw-away commodity produced in the service of a consumer culture. Class discussion, writing assignments, and oral presentations will be informed by an emphasis on critical listening and thinking.

A Professor of English, Dr. Neeper has been a serious listener to rock music since he, at age 10, explained to his sister why the B-side of Neil Young’s "Heart of Gold" was better than the single. Since then, he has presented scholarly papers and published on rock music and has taught classes in its appreciation.

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