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FYS You Are What You Eat: Getting Started


Using this Guide

There are tabs across the top of the guide with advice and resources to help get you started. If you follow the advice in this guide and from the library instruction session, you should do great! Remember the library is a great place to go for help if you need it.

Getting Help

Getting Help

If you find yourself stuck at any point during your research, the Library is here to help! Our Get Help page lists all the ways you can contact us. There is a chat box to the right of this box that is monitored whenever the library is open. You can also call us at 606-783-2200 or 606-783-5491 to get research help, email us, or come by in person. You can find our hours on this page. My contact info is also located in the box to the right if you'd rather contact me directly.

Getting Started

Getting Started

One of the first things you should do when starting research is think about what you're going to search. Think about your concept, and pick out keywords related to it. After you've done that, think about synonyms for those keywords and keep them in mind while searching. Here's an example:


Let's look at an example research topic and determine the keywords to use when searching:

Topic:  Is expansion of offshore oil drilling an important solution to rising U.S. gasoline prices?

Key Concepts:  offshore oil drilling expansion, gasoline prices, United States

Keywords: offshore oil drilling or offshore drilling or deep water oil drilling, gasoline or gas prices or oil prices, United States or America or American, etc.

Words you don't need to search for and why:

  • is, of, an, to--In general, words like articles, prepositions, and indicative verbs can be ignored because they are so common.
  • expansion, important, solution, rising--In general, adjectives and words that indicate a relationship between two concepts should be ignored because they may eliminate otherwise relevant results from your search. The more keywords you add to your search, the fewer results you will retrieve.


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