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FYS XPosed: Leadership Mythbusting: Biographical Research

Step 1: Getting Started with Biographical Research (Optional)

If you are interested in finding basic details about the life and impact of the person you are researching, you may want to start by using an encyclopedia.  Encyclopedias provide a wealth background information on many topics and may help you identify key areas you should look at while you search.

Step 2: Deeper Biographical Research

When you are ready to begin searching for scholarly sources on the person you are researching, you may want to look at books and articles.  Search WorldCat to find books and the other databases to find articles.

Step 3: Finding Different Perspectives

Each of the following databases searches for articles published in different fields of study.  If you are interested in the impact of the person you are studying on a particular area (like sociology), then feel free to jump into the appropriate databases below.

Step 4: If You're Really Struggling

About the Course

This course is taught by:

Randy Manis

Phone: 606-783-5399
Office: Breckinridge 303B

Dr. Cathy Thomas

Phone: 606-783-2712
Office: Breckinridge 303C

Course Description

This seminar explores the various definitions of leadership. Students will examine leadership theories and concepts from a variety of contexts. Students will discuss the development of leadership styles. Critical analysis of leaders and their successes and failures will help students develop their own definition of leadership. A variety of strategies will be used to uncover the student’s leadership potential.

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