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EDTC 688 - Educational Gaming & Simulation: Home

Introduction to the design, production, utilization and evaluation of educational games and simulations. Students shall produce an educational game and educational simulation.

Education Databases - Search for Articles

Main Education Databases

Use the following education databases to search for articles.  If you are unable to locate the articles you need in these databases, then expand your search using the databases in the box below this one.

Hint:  Education Full Text has more full text articles, however, ERIC includes working papers and monographs.

Peer Review

What is Peer Review?

It is the quality control system for scholarship.  It means that articles in a peer-reviewed journal must be scrutinized by experts before they are published.  SYNONYMS = 'academic', 'juried', 'refereed', 'scholarly'.

How can you tell when something is peer-reviewed?

1) When you are looking at a print copy, of an entire issue of a journal, the editorial board of scholars with academic credentials and institutional affiliations will be listed somewhere.  These are the 'peers' that review each published article.

2) Use a check box limit in your database search (when available).

3) Consult Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. (Search on the source title NOT the article title.)  An icon of a referee's jersey will indicate that the journal is peer-reviewed.

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