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EDSE 312 Educational Methods and Technology: Home

Introduction to classroom teaching skills and methods. The instructional process is covered with emphasis upon lesson preparation and presentation, including mediation of instruction; long-term and short-term instructional planning; human interaction ...

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How to Use APA citation format

How to get  books and articles from other libraries - Use the Request It! service


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ISTE is the International Society for Technology Education (

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Peer Review

What is Peer Review?

It is the quality control system for scholarship.  It means that articles in a peer-reviewed journal must be scrutinized by experts before they are published.  SYNONYMS = 'academic', 'juried', 'refereed', 'scholarly'.

How can you tell when something is peer-reviewed?

1) When you are looking at a print copy, of an entire issue of a journal, the editorial board of scholars with academic credentials and institutional affiliations will be listed somewhere.  These are the 'peers' that review each published article.

2) Use a check box limit in your database search (when available).

3) Consult Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. (Search on the source title NOT the article title.)  An icon of a referee's jersey will indicate that the journal is peer-reviewed.

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