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EDEC-627 Infant and Toddler Curriculum: Home

Principles of growth and development from prenatal period to age three. Focuses attention on learning experiences for infant and toddlers.

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Peer Review

What is Peer Review?

It is the quality control system for scholarship.  It means that articles in a peer-reviewed journal must be scrutinized by experts before they are published.  SYNONYMS = 'academic', 'juried', 'refereed', 'scholarly'.

How can you tell when something is peer-reviewed?

1) When you are looking at a print copy, of an entire issue of a journal, the editorial board of scholars with academic credentials and institutional affiliations will be listed somewhere.  These are the 'peers' that review each published article.

2) Use a check box limit in your database search (when available).

3) Consult Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. (Search on the source title NOT the article title.)  An icon of a referee's jersey will indicate that the journal is peer-reviewed.

Research Help at MSU's Camden-Carroll Library

My name is Jennifer Little, and I am the liaison librarian to the College of Education. I am here to answer questions you may have about doing education research at Morehead. Please use this LibGuide to locate information for this class.  If you are not finding what you need, how can you ask for help? You may do it several ways: 

The preferred way is by emailing me at

You may also call my work number which is 606-783-5352.

If you need instant help, you may instant message (IM) a reference librarian using the Chat Box on the library's home page.  This service is available when the library is open.

How to Locate Journal Articles

1.  Use the databases the library provides. See list of Main Databases for Education Journals in the LibGuide for Education Research.

2.  When you are using a database, always choose the “Advanced Search” option. This allows you to combine terms to get more precise hits. Use a variety of keywords until you find an article that is just right. Take that really good article and look at its subject descriptors. Then use those subject descriptor hyperlinks to locate additional articles.

3.  If the article is not full-text, but you need it for your work, click the "Get It" button ( ). Using this button will show you if the library has this article in one of its other databases. If it is not available, you will be given the option to request the article. The Request It service is free, and it will obtain the article you need from another library that is in our network. You will need to register first with your MSU name, ID, and preferred address.  The Request It/Interlibrary loan service is quick, but allow several business days to get the article to you. Go here To read more about our Request It service and register for the service, 

Document Delivery

You can have books, articles, DVDs, and other library materials delivered to you!

Request materials by:

Want to call toll free? Contact us at 1-800-423-0884 and ask for Regional Campus Services.

Delivery is free, but students are responsible for returning the items to the library.  Photocopies are yours to keep. 

All requests will be processed within one business day and must conform to the U.S. copyright law.

Subject Guide

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Jennifer Little
Camden-Carroll Library
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