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FYS Science, Deception and Global Upheaval: Home


This course is taught by:

Timothy Hare
Office: 110B Lloyd Cassity
Phone: 606-783-9436


About This Guide

This Guide has been created specifically for your course. Inside you will find resources specific to your course that will help you with your research project this semester. My contact information is also available in this guide, feel free to get in touch if you need help doing your research for this or any class.

You will also have 2 library instruction sessions at the Camden-Carroll Library. 

Your sessions will occur:

FYS 101 026: Tuesday, September 4, 9:10 am and Tuesday, September 25, 9:10 am with the Library iPad cart.

Course Description

There is a flood of information in our world today and much of it is better characterized as misinformation or disinformation. Hence, finding facts can be like finding a needle in a hay stack and makes information literacy more important than ever before. Furthermore, action and public participation require skills for processing and evaluating information carefully and rigorously. This course's objectives are to help build skills for acquiring information and assessing it for validity, critically exploring and analyzing information, communicating clearly and concisely to engage in public discussion and debate, and making decisions and acting based on an evidentiary foundation. These skills will be addressed by focusing on a set of key global issues; climate change, environmental destruction, population growth, and extreme poverty. These are complex problems requiring multidisciplinary approaches to address the dynamic interplay of the environment, economy, culture, society, and politics. These problems affect all people and societies at all geographical scales. For instance, continued economic growth and maintenance of a high standard of living depend on the ability to successfully analyze and respond to these complex issues. Focusing on these subjects is a step forward in building a long-term commitment to a sustainable future.

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