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ART 361: Ancient Art: Books

This guide can be used by students in Art 361 to learn how to locate books, articles, and additional resources that will be helpful when completing their research assignment.

Catalogue of the Collection of Casts, 1908

Search the Contents of Reference Books

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Reference Universe
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This is an excellent, scholarly alternative to Wikipedia.  It allows you to search back-of-the-book indexes and article titles in thousands of reference books owned by Camden-Carroll Library.  If it is an e-book you can access it.  If it is a print book you can find its call number and then the volume and page numbers for your topic.

Browse for Art Books

For books about Art and Design,  browse the following areas:

700 The arts; fine & decorative arts

750 Painting & paintings

760 Graphic arts, Printmaking & prints

770 Photography, photographs & computer art

For books about Sculpture, browse the following areas:

730 Sculpture and related arts

732.8 Ancient Egyptian sculpture

733.3 Greek (Hellenic) sculpture

733.5 Roman sculpture

For books about ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman history, browse the following areas:

932 Egypt to 640

937 Italian Peninsula to 476 and adjacent territories to 476

938 Greece to 323