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FYS "Plagues and People" Janelle Hare: Articles

The intent of the course is to establish the expectations of life in an academic setting and as a local, national and global citizen.


Finding Full-Text Articles

When you are searching in the Library's databases look first for a link to a PDF filePDF file.

If no PDF link is available look for the Get it button.
This button allows you to:

  1. See if the article is available online in ANY of the Library's databases, not just the one you are using.
  2. Search the Library's Catalog to see if the article is available in the library (if it is not online).
  3. Automatically do an interlibrary loan request if the article is not available online or in the library.


Magazine & Journal Web Sites

The following magazines and journals provide a wealth of information on a variety of scientific topics. The following links head to the magazines' or journals' Web sites.

Subject Guide