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DIY Research Guide: Find Articles- in the Catalog

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Find Articles in the Catalog- Step 1

If you are looking for a specific article and want to use the Catalog to find it, start on the Library homepage ( and use the search box presented under the Articles tab. 


Search box under Articles tab


Add the title of the article to the search box to get started.

Example Article:

Title: The social dimension of learning through argumentation: Effects of human presence and discourse style

Authors: Christa S. C. Asterhan & Miriam Babichenko

Publication Title: Journal of Educational Psychology

Date: August 2015 (Volume 107, Issue 3)

Pages: 740-755

Find Articles in the Catalog- Step 2

Look through the results to find the article.  Be sure to check all of the citation information in the results to make sure you have the right article.  If you don't already have the full citation, then take note of the volume, issue, and page numbers of the article.


Article search results

If you don't find the article, you have two options:

Find Articles in the Catalog- Step 3

To find access information about the article, check the View Now link (for electronic versions of the article) or the Find It link (for print versions), whichever link is provided.


Links to full text articles in catalog


If we have electronic access to the journal, look under the View Now tab for direct links to the database that houses the articles.  If an article is available in print, check the dates under the Find It tab to see if we have the volume in which the article was published. You can also click on the View all versions link to see if the article is available in other media, including in print.

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